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Guatemala guidebook, version 1.2 and older (August 2016):

* Río Candelaria, The Caves (page 306): There are actually nine caves, not eight. The old cave #7 is actually two short caves back-to-back.

* References to "nutria" should be corrected to "river otter" (nutria in English refers to the coypu animal).

* Río Motagua, Lower (page 128-129): The access named Vega del Limón is more commonly known as paso El Chol. Also the sign for El Chol is currently absent.

Guatemala guidebook, version 1.1 and older (November 2015):

* Río Chisná (page 49): Put-In should be "upper bridge (420 m)".

* Río Nahualate, Lower & Bottom (page 64): Class/Length/Time should be "IV, III" / "9 + 16 km" / "1.5 + 2 hrs".

* Río Nicán-Xayá (page 75): For the TO, refer to the Río Coyolate PI of El Naranjo (not the highway bridge)

* Río Plátanos, Upper (page 140): Class should be "IV", not V.

Guatemala guidebook, version 1.0:

* Río Xab (page 50): Length should be "up to 20.5 km", not 30.5 km.

* Río Zarco (page 249): PI/TO/gradient are incorrect, should be "San Marcos (120 m)" / "main road (20m)" / "11 m/km".

* Cobán chapter map (page 252): run 185 (Chixoy bridge run) marker should point to the dam.


regards, Greg


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